Why be stuck at a computer working all day? Do you choose labor or leisure? If the need for your paycheck wasn’t a factor, would you put your energies elsewhere?

Computers, and 21st century tech in general, commit us to being connected at virtually all times. Information Technology has been my source of income for the vast majority of my working life but I would assuredly utilize my time in other pursuits if the need for a consistent salary was mitigated. Don’t get me wrong, I take great pleasure in doing my job well. It’s just that the organizational frustrations and commitments of the jobs I’ve had far outweigh the fleeting satisfaction benefit I derive. I’d like to think there is a job out there that would provide more long-term fulfillment, but I’ve stopped making finding that a life requirement and shifted instead to maximizing options.

I’ve been fortunate with my 9-5 jobs in that they have afforded me a (typically) healthy work/life balance and flexibility. With that said, a few weeks’ vacation per year scheduled around job obligations isn’t my ideal.

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I’m AFK Joe. My wife and I are still in our working years. This is our blog about the journey to early retirement and spending more time away from keyboard.